Pothole Season

Heads-up, Boise! Pothole season has begun. But have you ever wondered what causes those pesky holes in the road? AAA has the answer.

Moisture collects in cracked pavement where it can freeze, expand, and then return to a liquid as temperatures change throughout the day. As the crumbling pavement is subjected to the weight of passing cars, potholes can quickly form. -AAA

Potholes & Idaho

The nonprofit further reports over 40 million American drivers paid for pothole-related repairs in 2022. At roughly $400 a pop, that's no small bill for the average American. So what happens when you hit a pothole in Idaho and your car is worse for the wear?

In 2017, a public records request from the Idaho Press Tribune revealed dozens of pothole claims had been submitted to the state. Most, if not all, they say, were denied by the Idaho Transportation Department. But why?

We have to determine if the state’s negligence is the reason why a loss occurs. -Faith Cox, Director of Idaho Risk Management


Photo Credit: Townsquare Media
Photo Credit: Townsquare Media

Payouts are only granted when the state concludes it's 51% or more negligent in the incident. You got that? The state of Idaho will only pay its residents when the state admits it was in the wrong. Welp...good luck getting a reimbursement check from the Gem State, y'all. Idahoans are in the hole and on their own when it comes to pothole damages.

Have you ever been reimbursed by the Idaho Transportation Department for pothole repairs? Email us at ryan.valenzuela@townsquaremedia.com! 

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