Get Ready, Jet-Set...Go!

Okay, who are we kidding? We know more about the weird drawer under our oven than we ever will of jetting about the friendly skies. If you've tasted our cooking, you know that's not saying much.

Unless you're rich and famous or blessed with baller friends, traveling to-and-fro on a $68 million-dollar G6 is a foreign concept. However, we're willing to bet that you’re probably pretty familiar with the chaos that ensues in an average airport like Boise's. 

Airport Chaos

It doesn’t matter how prepared you are. You can be ahead of schedule with all of your bags, kids, and ducks in a row when something entirely out of your control throws you off. In our experience, that “something” is usually a “someone.”

Sometimes it's someone who thinks the world revolves around them when they’re running late. They're the ones who barrel through toddlers or shoulder-check you on their Olympic sprint from the parking garage to the check-in.

Sometimes it's the person who doesn't take their shoes, jacket, or 10 pounds of metallic accessories off before they stroll through the metal detector. That's the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard for frequent flyers and those of us with time management skills.

Compared to cities like Salt Lake and LA, Boise's itty bitty airport is easier to navigate than a state liquor store. Yet despite this, the Boise Airport attracts some of the most irritating travelers in the Pacific Northwest.

Have you ever been guilty of the irritating habits in the gallery below? 

10 Most Annoying Things People Do at Boise Airport


Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

19 Items Absolutely Banned From Carry-On Luggage at the Boise Airport

Baggage fees stink and you'll do anything you can to avoid paying them, including dragging some more items on the plane with you. Unfortunately, won't get away with it if you try to bring these items through security as a carry-on.

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The Unbelievable Items In The Boise Airport Lost And Found

Listed in order of most common to least common, but weird!

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