There are some amazing hikes in Idaho for anyone and everyone. Easy hikes, hard hikes, lush hikes, desert hikes, waterside hikes, mountain hikes, valley hikes, you name it, we have have the hiking trails in the great gem state. America has over 60,000 miles of trails and I feel like half of them are in Idaho.

According to Visit Idaho, "Unknown to many, the state contains the nation’s largest designated wilderness outside of Alaska—the 2.3 million acre Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness—and over 20 million acres of national forest. Some of the most beautiful and varied topography in the U.S. is found here, including the spectacular peaks in the Sawtooth Mountains, the lunar landscape of Craters of the Moon, the rugged canyons of the Owyhee Canyonlands, and the dense forests of Idaho’s Panhandle."

We have hikes for all types, including one that enjoy things that go bump in the night. If you like spooky and creepy adventures then this Idaho hike is for you. This one is in the northern part of the state way up by the panhandle. The hike is in the St. Joe National Forest and the creepy and haunted part is the large 3.5-mile loop White Pine National Recreation Trail.

According to Only in Your State - Idaho, "On this path, you will eventually come to an old, abandoned campground and next to the campground is the gravesite of a young miner who haunts the area named Frank Heller who died and his body found in 1936. Hikers also report hearing screams and calls from the river, believed to be individuals who died while rafting the river and many hikers have also reported hearing distant voices and unexplained sounds as they walked through the forest, however, they were the only ones nearby."


Scroll down to see some amazing trails that Idaho and the Treasure Valley area have to offer. Here are some other great hiking resources: Visit Idaho Website Ridge to Rivers ,  All Trails Boise Area ,  Planet Ware Boise

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