Boise, Idaho, is known for its many outstanding attractions. However, the city's most famous attraction is not the Idaho Statehouse but the blue football field of Boise State. Since Idaho doesn't have a professional sports team, becoming a fan of Boise State Football is the closest one gets to a unified sports experience.

With the college football season only a few months away, we decided to spend a few hours and then a few more hours creating the ultimate Boise State football schedule. The 2023 official schedule features a few marquee matchups that hopefully draw more fans to Albertsons Stadium.

You won't find any New Mexicos or North Dakotas on our custom-made schedule. The proposed Broncos schedule is so demanding; we recommend that Athletic Director Jeramiah Dickey do his best to avoid reading this article. With caution in mind, let's get to the big one!

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