It's a must-see event when an international superstar, arguably the world's biggest superstar, sorry, Taylor Swift, is only a few hours away from Boise. This week, our region will be the starting point for the latest incarnation of Bad Bunny, who begins his tour Wednesday night in Salt Lake City, Utah, reports The Salt Lake Tribune.

Mr. Bunny and his associates chose the Delta Center because the area embraces Latinx performers. Past shows have featured Banda MS, Christian Nodal, and Peso Pluma. The shows were sold out and exit interviews by fans and artists raved about the experience in Utah.

Bad Bunny is more than a singing superstar. He does have an Idaho connection, visiting the Gem State with his girlfriend, Kendall Jenner. He spends much time in the squared circle when not singing or producing. Mr. Bunny has appeared in several WWE events, including headlining lucrative pay-per-view events.

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WWE was broadcasting their highly successful Smackdown Show in Salt Lake City last Friday. The Rock's monologue to the Delta Center Crowd has gone viral on YouTube and X. You can see his commentary below.

Mr. Bunny's tour is called The Most Wanted Tour and, like Taylor Swift, continues to attract large crowds despite a lack of modern superstars and singers.

The folks at the Delta Center believe that the Bunny tour will open up the Delta Center to more Latinx acts. Could Mr. Bunny stop in Idaho before arriving in Salt Lake City? Keep your eyes open and let us know if you see Mr. Bunny hopping around Boise.

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