The Caldwell Police Department responded to multiple 911 calls reporting a shooting incident in the 1700 block of Cleveland Boulevard yesterday evening, March 20th, 2024. Upon arrival at the scene, officers discovered expended bullet casings, indicating gunfire had occurred. Fortunately, it appears that no one was struck by the bullets.

According to a release from the Caldwell Police Department, the suspect fled before law enforcement arrived, however, there is a suspect description: "The suspect is described as a short, Hispanic male, wearing a gray shirt with a short beard. He was last seen driving a gray Chrysler with large wheels."

Based on further investigation, the incident seems to be isolated, with no imminent threat to the wider community. However, authorities suspect the incident may be linked to gang and narcotics activities.

Chief of Police Rex Ingram emphasized the community's stance against violence, stating, "Violence will not be tolerated in our city. This is not what defines our community, nor will we accept this." He also warned potential perpetrators, "If you want to pull a trigger and think you can outsmart our amazing team of professionals, good luck. You will soon find yourself behind bars - where you belong!"

Caldwell Police Department Statement on How You Can Help

"If you have information about the shooting, call non-emergency dispatch at 208-454-7531. You can also call Crime Stoppers if you wish to remain anonymous at 208-343-COPS. Never approach any suspect."

It's advised to refrain from approaching any suspect directly, leaving apprehension to law enforcement professionals.

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