Is there a food that we love more than French fries? How can anyone eat hamburgers, steak, or other meat without a healthy or unhealthy portion of their favorite French fries? Idaho is well known as a potato country, leading the nation in potato production. 

In honor of national french fry Day, we've searched the globe to answer this challenging question, where are the most french fries produced in America? Boise? Idaho Falls? Nampa? Ontario? If you believed that the city that made the most fries was in Idaho, you, like us, would be mistaken. 

Idaho does produce the most potatoes but not the most french fries. There is a city in our neighborhood that holds the record for making the most fries yearly.

YouTube /COBE Boise state
YouTube /COBE Boise state

Did JR Simplot create the French fry in America? French fries almost predate our country's founding, and depending on who you believe, they originated in France or Belgium. Idahoan JR Simplot didn't invent the french fry in America, but his innovations and a HUGE strategic partnership rockets fries into a staple in every American household. He did invent the frozen French fry, which led to a historic agreement. 

Mr. Simplot was called America's Great Potato Baron and partnered with Ray Kroc of McDonald's in 1963. The two agreed that Simplot's frozen fries would be used in every McDonald's in America, which helped the fast food chain cut costs and increase in popularity. Simplot sold fries to other food chains, but McDonald's fries captured the taste buds of America. You can read more about Mr. Simplot's potatoes here. 

In honor of National French Fry Day, which should be every day, what city produces the most French fries in America? The French Fry capital of the world is located in Othello, Washington. 

How many fries does this unknown Washington town produce? Hold your spuds, true believers; Capital Press reports the exact yearly figures. "Every year, the three potato processing plants in town produce 1.5 billion pounds of frozen french fries, tater tots, and hashbrowns — the weight of seven aircraft carriers."

You can read more about Othello, Washington, here. 

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