As the political season unfolds in Idaho, the Idaho Democrats are brimming with determination, believing this is their year to make significant political gains in the legislature. Their relentless efforts have not gone unnoticed, with national media outlets like Politico detailing the renewed vigor in the Gem State's political landscape.

The intrigue of Idaho's dominant Republican Party has not escaped the attention of national publications. Two years ago, the same publication dispatched a reporter to Star, Idaho, to chronicle the Idaho Republican Party's Civil War. This ongoing saga among Gem State Conservatives is a testament to the enduring political battle that captivates the nation. 

Most Idahoans compare the chance of Democrats winning in Idaho to Charlie Brown kicking the football. It just won't happen. However, the national media reports the Idaho Legislature's move to a more Conservative platform. The state has been the target of lawsuits from The Biden Administration, Planned Parenthood, and other progressive groups. 

Democrats hope the upcoming primary fight between the establishment, representing the more traditional and moderate wing of the Republican Party, and the grassroots, advocating for a more conservative and populist agenda, will divide the Republican base enough to allow Democrats to win. The outcome of this internal struggle within the Republican Party could significantly influence the political landscape in Idaho. 

The Democrats are not sitting idly by. They are actively strategizing, recruiting candidates to bolster their chances of victory. A director has been hired, who, along with a team of interns, is diligently seeking the right mix of progressive and liberal thinkers to strengthen their political front. 

Idaho Democrats lack a big name, but they do have Boise Mayor Lauren McLean. We haven't heard whether she will actively campaign for Democrats. We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops. 

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