In a shocking and unsettling turn of events over the weekend, Caldwell residents woke up to a series of vehicle fires early in the morning on January 14th, 2024. Could setting cars ablaze be a new crime trend in Caldwell?

According to the press release from the Caldwell Police Department, the reports came in around 5:26am, when both the Caldwell Fire Department and police officers were dispatched. The officers actually had to wake up the family and evacuate them, as they weren't aware their car was on fire.

Notably, as the responding officers arrived, they discovered a second vehicle in flames.

Detectives from the Caldwell Police Department are now actively investigating the incident, suspecting that the fires may have been intentionally set. While the motive remains unknown, authorities assure the public that this seems to be an isolated event, with no immediate threat to the community at this time.

Expressing deep concern, Caldwell Police Chief Rex Ingram commented, “I am deeply disturbed about why people become so scorned, that they resort to lighting the property of another on fire. We will ensure that whoever is responsible, is brought to justice and removed from society. I lean on our wonderful community who may have any knowledge about this to come forward."

As this vehicle arson investigation continues to unfold, questions are emerging among concerned Caldwell residents. Many are wondering if this is gang-related and if there will be more vehicle fires in the future.

Caldwell Police Statement on how YOU can help:

If you have any information about this incident please call 208-343-COPS or non-emergency dispatch at 208-454-7531.

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