For years and years, Idaho natives and newcomers have taken to social media and other outlets complaining that the Gem State is missing restaurants, stores, and other shops that are prevalent in other states. Our state's small towns and big cities had grown accustomed to a local version of a national chain. However, as we like to say, those days of national chains skipping Idaho are over.

Some folks aren't embracing the golden arches coming to Ada County's second-smallest city. Several Star residents have contacted us and social media complaining that their city is losing its hometown businesses to more extensive corporate franchises. Several restaurants, including at least three serving pizza, have opened or are scheduled to open within a few weeks.

Exclusive Photos of Idaho's Newest McDonald's

Not your daddy's McDonald's.

Sally, who moved to Star five years ago, said, "I used to love that there were only a few LOCAL places to eat in Star. Now I must wait at least fifteen minutes because of the new McDonald's."

Bill, a lifelong Star resident shared his observations, "once they put in the Maverick, I knew we were in trouble. We don't need four grocery stores; the Star Merc is just fine!"

Matt, who works in Star, says, I love McDonald's, don't get me wrong, but you can only eat Subway and Dairy Queen for so many days."

Darlene in Star worries that more traffic will hurt other local businesses. "Star was the last place that didn't have a giant big box burger place; now I'll have to drive to Middleton to get really good local burgers; what's next another grocery store?"

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We understand that brands are always evolving! Heck, we've had some positive logo changes over the years ourselves! That doesn't make us miss these nostalgic looks any less!




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