Hundreds of Idahoans braved the less than thirty-degree temperatures on New Year's Day to take the Polar Plunge. Unlike some folks recovering from too much partying welcoming in 2023, these Idahoans traveled to Lucky Peak Reservoir for a great cause. Idahoans in the Treasure Valley have been plunging in January's chilly temps for twenty years. 

The 20th anniversary honored the event's founders, Larry Gebert and Gary Arbaugh. Although both are gone, the event was a tribute to their dedication to granting wishes to children battling life-threatening challenges. 

Some folks told us that this event is their yearly chance to kick off the New Year in the right way for Make A Wish Idaho. Members of both the Arbaugh and Gebert families attended the event to show their support. Larry's son, Mike, water skied in place of his dad, who we lost last year. 

Check Out Our Polar Plungers!

Idahoans get cold for Make A Wish Idaho.

The financial goal for the event is to raise $50,000; today's event initially raised $35,000. Organizers believe that online and other donations will help them reach that goal. You can donate online by clicking the link here.

How It All Began

Gary and Larry were year long water skiers. That's right, in the cold, the wet, and the heat, these two loved to water ski. One day, they decided to water ski for Make A Wish in hopes of funding wishes for kids. There agreement has blossomed to a yearly event that is one of the group's largest fundraisers.

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