In the end, the latest attempt by a group of Idaho Satanist was met with hundreds of Christians singing and praying. The Satanist announced they would perform a 'gender affirming' ritual at the Idaho Statehouse. In the past, several folks dressed in black have appeared for other ceremonies.

According to several published reports, only eleven Satanist dressed in black clothes took part in the ceremony. On the other hand, hundreds of Idaho Christians showed the Satanists the power of God in Idaho.

Most folks believe that this event was another failed attempt by the satanic group to gain attention for another progressive cause. You can see what happened here.

Satanic Idaho Group "Gender Affirmation Ritual"

Pictures taken at the Idaho Capitol building on 2/13/23 of the Satanic Idaho Group's "Gender Affirmation Ritual"

We take a look at the reaction of other media outlets here.

Idaho Satanists March on Statehouse

Idaho Christians and Satanists Showdown at Statehouse

Christians and Satanists Showdown at the Capitol

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