Deer hunting is a cherished tradition for Idahoans, and for millions of people throughout the U.S. But a recent list of the "best states for deer hunting" didn't include two fantastic places for hunting — Idaho and Utah. Whether you're a hunter or not, this news comes as a surprise for most Idahoans.

Deer hunting is not just about fun; it's also about family and putting food on the table. One deer can provide around 55 pounds of meat. Plus, hunters help protect wildlife by paying taxes on hunting gear and licenses. In 2022 alone, these taxes generated $1.5 billion for conservation, according to 24/7 Tempo.

Now, here's where the surprise comes in. A recent report from 24/7 Tempo (using data from the National Deer Association's Deer Report 2023) ranked the best states for deer hunting. These numbers were also based on the number of antlered bucks harvested for every 100 hunters in 2021, the most recent year for which these figures are available... and Idaho and Utah are not on the list!

Both Idaho and Utah have amazing landscapes and lots of deer. People love hunting here. These states also work hard to make sure there are enough deer for everyone. So, it's strange they weren't on the list at all.

As hunting season approaches, remember that Idaho and Utah are fantastic places for deer hunting. Not only can you have an incredible hunting adventure, but you're also helping take care of our region's wildlife. So, grab your gear and get ready for an unforgettable hunting trip in Idaho!

Idaho Ranks Top 10 States for Most Registered Hunters 2023

*Quotes and data sourced from Stacker, based on 2021 data from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and 2021 American Community Survey population estimates.

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