Some bands are so iconic, significant, and memorable that you cannot ignore them. They defined their generation years after their songs were played on the radio. In America, only some modern acts have achieved immortal or iconic status.

Years ago, Americans loved the Beatles, KISS, and The Eagles. The music was so good that it didn't matter how many years had passed since their hits were played on the radio or today on social media. 

Today, music is more likely to be produced from a laptop than a guitar and drums. However, one act that defined its generation is coming to Nampa, Idaho. 

Who Is Coming to Nampa?

Guns N' Roses will be coming to Idaho. The group that brought us memories from 'Sweet Child o' Mine,' 'November Rain,' and other hits will entertain Idahoans on Sunday, October 22, at 6:30 p.m. Tickets go on sale September 20 or online at

Regardless of your age, who would pass up the opportunity to hear 'Welcome to the Jungle' in person? The Ford Idaho Center continues to attract big-name artists who favor coming to Nampa over performing in the congested city of Boise. 

The Ford Idaho Center will feature the entertaining comedy Adam Sandler. You can read the details of his visit to Idaho here. Nampa continues expanding the choice of entertainment options within the Treasure Valley and Idaho. Consumers tell us they prefer the easy access to the freeway and the low-priced parking. We'll update you on this story as it develops. 

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