Idaho has a wide mix of industries, including agriculture and technology, which can lead to loads of different work habits. But overall, Idahoans really value hard work. The question is, how does our work ethic compare to other states?

Idaho has secured its spot as one of the nation's hardest-working states in 2023. WalletHub's recent study, ranking Idaho at 17th among the 50 states, sheds light on the exceptional work ethic that defines our state.

In our landscape of dedicated workers, Idahoans stand out as a force to be reckoned with...

According to WalletHub's report, Idaho has a total score of 49.95 based on 26 direct work factors and 4 indirect work factors — placing our state in the top 20.

Source: WalletHub

That said, it might actually surprise a lot of Idahoans that we're only #17 on the list.

Given the unwavering dedication and work ethic we embody, it's only logical to aspire to a place among the top 10 contenders. While securing the 17th position out of 50 is commendable, for most Idahoans, it simply falls short of our high standards.

Our ability to strike the perfect balance between hard work and enjoying the breathtaking landscapes that Idaho offers makes us exceptional. The key to success is a proper work-life balance, and Idaho is one of the top states for that, and many Idahoans have mastered this art

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