Idaho's beer consumption has been observed in a recent analysis conducted by List Wire, which ranked states based on per capita beer consumption. The study highlights the increase in beer popularity across the United States, transcending various demographics and cultural settings, and let's just say "beer culture" in Idaho is certainly thriving.

According to List Wire, beer's popularity has expanded over the last decade, reaching from high-end New York restaurants to remote minor league ballparks etc. The national per-year average consumption is calculated to be nearly a 6-pack per week in most areas.

So, where does Idaho rank on the list of all 50 states and Washington D.C.?

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Idaho is ranked number 33

Idaho secured the 33rd position on the list, with an average consumption of 27.8 gallons per capita in 2021, and that number has surely risen over the last 3 years.

While the figure might challenge the stereotypical perception of a thriving drinking culture in Idaho, it actually places the state just below the national average. Notably, one of our neighboring states, Utah, claimed the 51st spot, emerging as the lowest beer consumer in the country.

Despite the presence of numerous vineyards, breweries, and local products, Idaho's beer consumption aligns with a more moderate trend when comparing our numbers to other states.

Definitely worth mentioning, though, Idaho is one of the number one suppliers of beer. Keep scrolling to see some Idaho agriculture facts that will absolutely blow your mind.

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