Idahoans are feeling the financial squeeze as car repair costs surge over the last 2 years. With routine maintenance turning into a pocket-draining experience, residents are facing tough choices, and some even seeking alternative solutions for travel or to keep their wheels turning.

In the last 12 months alone, car repair prices in Boise have surged, even more than years before. Factors like rising auto part costs, increased labor fees, and global supply chain disruptions have pushed repair bills up by as much as 15%. Everyday services such as brake replacements, oil changes, and tire rotations have become notably more expensive, too.

The impact of this is felt by Idahoans, particularly those on tight budgets. Many are now forced to decide between repairing their vehicles or exploring alternative transportation options like public transit or ride-sharing. These choices heavily affect daily routines, employment, and overall quality of life.

According to Market Watch, Idaho ranks 21 on the list of states with the highest car repair costs in the country. However, last year, Idaho was 3 positions lower on this list, demonstrating how quickly costs have continued to rise here in our region.

Thankfully, we're still much less expensive than Utah and other neighboring states, as Utah has skyrocketed to the 9th position on the list, making it one of the nation's most expensive states for vehicle repair costs.

Local authorities and community organizations are starting to recognize the challenge this is for Idahoans, and some are actively seeking solutions, including financial assistance programs and partnerships with auto repair shops to offer discounted services to those in need.

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