In an alarming incident earlier this morning, Boise Police arrested a 63-year-old man after responding to a call for service at a local hotel on W. Elder Street. The charges against the man, identified as Santiago Prieto, include 3 counts of Aggravated Assault and Unlawful possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, according to the press release from the Boise Police Department.

The situation unfolded around 4:20am when Ada County Paramedics, responding to the initial call, heard a gunshot from a hotel room — Prieto's hotel room.

Boise Police quickly arrived at the scene and, as officers were setting up in the parking lot, the suspect fired the weapon two more times, with one of those shots being aimed in the direction of 3 police officers.

Boise Police Captain Jim Quackenbush commended the officers for their exemplary handling of the situation, stating, "Our officers did an excellent job isolating and containing the situation and using appropriate tools and tactics to safely resolve this incident."

Officers identified Prieto and were actively communicating with him through an open hotel window. For additional support, other law enforcement responders arrived including Idaho State Police and the Ada County Sheriff’s Office. The suspect was eventually persuaded to exit the room without the weapon, and he was safely taken into custody just before 5:45 am.

Thankfully, there were no hotel guests near Prieto's room and no one was injured during this incident. This information is from the official press release provided by the Boise Police Department.

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