What started as an idea has created a massive opportunity for Idaho Christian churches and groups. One of the world's most popular streaming series, The Chosen, will have a large Idaho connection. On Saturday, over twenty thousand people will attend a gathering of select cast members appearing at The Ford Idaho Center. 

The Chosen Cast Visting Idaho

They will be here on February 10th

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Does the facility hold 20,000 people? Organizers hold two shows and have told us the total number of tickets is nearly gone. We believe both shows will attract 10,000 people on Saturday at 2 pm and 7 pm.

Tickets can be obtained at this link, and please bring a canned food item to help feed the area's needy.

Many organizations and faiths have worked together to bring this incredible opportunity to Idaho. 

This incredible event is made possible by various faith organizations and churches throughout the Treasure Valley, including The Catholic Diocese, the Boise Rescue Mission, CenterPoint Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Nampa Men & Women in Christ, St. Pauls' Family Life Education Center, Valley Church, River House Church, Good News Community Church, Rock Harbor, Capital Church, the Nazarene Care House, Deer Flat Free Methodist Church, and many others. 

Youth groups from many churches are participating in a Youth Refugee Project to extend Christlike love to refugees.

The cast will share their behind-the-scenes insights and touch upon how bringing this epic series to life has encouraged them. They will discuss their own faith journeys and how you, too, can follow Him and find greater peace in Christ.

The cast will be in the Boise area throughout the weekend. We've been told that a few of the cast members will be appearing at local churches discussing their faith.

Here is a link to get your free tickets.  

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