In the end, the Bundy Tsnumai failed to appear as Idaho Governor Brad Little was elected with over sixty percent of the vote in November's general election. Mr. Bundy left the Idaho Republican Party to run as a political independent. His path was challenging as Mr. Little has been a fixture in Idaho Republican politics for several decades.

Mr. Bundy worked tirelessly, hoping that disenchanted Republicans would vote for him as a protest vote against the incumbent. In the end, supporters of Janice McGeachin, Ed Humphreys, and others voted for Mr. Little instead of Mr. Bundy. Despite heavy criticism on talk radio, the governor's handling of the pandemic was endorsed by Idaho voters.

Governor Little expertly used the power of his office and selected target tax breaks to strengthen his case for reelection. Mr. Bundy took to social media to thank his supporters. This was his first run for public office in Idaho or any other state.

Mr. Bundy issued a lengthy written statement thanking his supporters and vowing to continue to hold government accountable.

Sometimes it seems like truth never wins. I believe it will in the end, but what about now? What about our children, what about our homes, our bank accounts? What about inflation or the gas prices?  What about having power over our own lives? This thing we call "government" always seems to win, always seems to grow and expand.  In order to grow, it has to eat our lives away and the future of our children. It will never stop growing until we stop it. That is what the Ammon Bundy for Governor campaign was all about!

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