Here’s a list of the most popular rom coms in each state. Look, I’m not really into rom coms, so I didn’t even know what half of these movies on the list were about, but I definitely have some family members who gave me the rundown and let’s just say some of these movie choices for each state have completely thrown people off-guard haha.

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If I had to guess which romantic comedy would be Idaho’s favorite... I’d probably say Forest Gump or The Proposal or something — purely for the fact I’m from Idaho and I’ve heard about these enough to know what they’re about... AND these are some rom coms even I have seen.

What Romantic Comedy is the most popular in Idaho?

Alabama: Forrest Gump

Alaska: The Kissing Booth 3

Arizona: Candy Jar

Arkansas : Christmas Inheritance

California: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Colorado: The Clapper

Connecticut: Set It Up

Delaware: When We First Met

District of Columbia: Notting Hill

Florida: Grease

Georgia: Forrest Gump

Hawaii: 28 Days

Idaho: He's All That

Illinois: Grease

Indiana: #RealityHigh

Iowa: Christmas Wedding Planner

Kansas: Grease

Kentucky: The Last Summer

Louisiana: Grease

Maine: The Nutty Professor

Maryland: A Perfect Pairing

Massachusetts: Wedding Season

Michigan: Crashers

Minnesota: Love, Guaranteed

Mississippi: Meet the Browns

Missouri: Christmas Inheritance

Montana: The Lovebirds

Nebraska: The DUFF

Nevada: Irreplaceable You

New Hampshire: A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

New Jersey: Alex Strangelove

New Mexico: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

New York: Wedding Season

North Carolina: #RealityHigh

North Dakota: The Princess Switch

Ohio: Alex Strangelove

Oklahoma: Tramps

Oregon: Ibiza: Love Drunk

Pennsylvania: The Clapper

Rhode Island: Set It Up

South Carolina: Forrest Gump

South Dakota: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Tennessee: Forrest Gump

Texas: Grease

Utah: Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Vermont: Love Hard

Virginia: The Last Summer

Washington: Love, Guaranteed

West Virginia: The Kissing Booth 3

Wisconsin: The Holiday Calendar

Wyoming: Grease

Crazy, huh? It looks like The Proposal didn’t even make the list at all, and Forest Gump was on the list 4 times — however — those were NOT Idaho’s favorite.

Idaho’s favorite Romantic Comedy is He’s All That.

This list came from All About Cookies, and here’s what they had to say...

“Given that Netflix is the No. 1 movie streaming service in the world, our team at All About Cookies wanted to take a deeper look at Netflix’s library of romantic comedy films to find out which is the most beloved in every state. Using Google Trends, we were able to collect data on more than 90 romantic comedies currently available to watch on Netflix and find out which one is the most popular by state.”

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