Kuna must know their best burger joint, right? Of course they do! This week, Kuna locals took to Facebook and chose the best, most delicious burger joint in the town. Today, we're going to share with you the results.

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There are so many amazing burger spots all throughout the Treasure Valley, and yes, they're 100% worth the drive in most cases. But sometimes, you just want to stay in your own little town and enjoy the restaurants you already have close by...

If you live in Kuna, you don't have to travel far to grab a delicious burger. There's a place in town right there on Main St. that has raving reviews from locals.

Xavier Pierre Jr. | Google Maps
Xavier Pierre Jr. | Google Maps

Big Mic's in Kuna

 459 W Main St, Kuna, ID 83634

There was a recent post on Kuna Must Know, a popular local Facebook group, that asks where to get the best cheeseburger in Kuna... and there are over 100 comments suggesting great burger places in the area.

However, Big Mic's received the most recommendations, and it was the only restaurant to actually jump into the comments themselves and interact with the community — they responded to a lot of the commenters even just to express their appreciation.

We're very fortunate in the Boise area to have a lot of amazing burger places, and as mentioned above, many are 100% worth the drive.

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