Is Boise one of the best summer dating spots in the country? Let's find out.

For years, Boise, Idaho has been gaining a reputation as one of the better summer dating spots in America, but is it one of the overall best? With over 108,000 cities in the United States, Boise is in the Top 10 best cities for dating.

What place in the Top 10 does Boise hold?

Healthy Framework has recognized Boise as the 6th best city and dating hub in the country for many years in a row now, so not only is Boise in the Top 10, but the city is consistently holding it's position at #6 on the list.

Downtown Boise, in particular, shines as a great location for romantic endeavors, especially during the summer months and summer evenings. Is there anything better than being outside during a nice and cool summer evening? Plus, there's an array of restaurants, cafes, and bars, making it the perfect place for intimate dinners or casual coffee dates.

Also during the summer, Boise (and the surrounding areas) really come alive with outdoor events and activities — for example the Boise Music Festival, and an abundance of many other concerts that happen on a weekly basis.

You can check all the boxes. Couples can take romantic walks along the scenic Boise River Greenbelt, enjoy picnics in the parks, explore the city by renting scooters or bicycles, go to their favorite restaurants, and then find amazing things to do for their entertainment! (i.e., concerts and comedy shows).

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