In-N-Out Burger has always been a crowd-pleaser. From its iconic double-double burgers to its secret menu items, it's a fast-food chain that knows how to satisfy our hunger and keep us coming back for more. But guess what? There's now even more to love about your favorite burger joint! The brand's expansion into Meridian brings all its classic favorites and two new menu items closer to residents eagerly waiting for a taste of this beloved burger chain. And now, they can enjoy it right in their own backyard!

In-N-Out is shaking things up with two exciting additions to their drink menu - Cherry Coke and Lite Lemonade! Whether you're a fan of sweet, fruity flavors or a refreshing citrus twist, these new offerings will surely hit the spot.

Exciting Features of Cherry Coke

A bit of cherry, a bit of Coke, and a lot of deliciousness! The new Cherry Coke at In-N-Out is a match made in fast-food heaven. The rich, robust flavor of Coca-Cola is paired with a sweet hint of cherry, creating a unique blend that leaves your taste buds dancing. The Coke's fizz and the cherry's sweetness - a fun, fizzy drink that adds flavor to your meal. So, why not try this cherry-licious drink next time you grab a burger?

Refreshing Benefits of Lite Lemonade

The new Lite Lemonade is perfect for those who prefer a tangy kick! This thirst-quenching drink is refreshing and a lower-calorie option, making it an excellent choice for health-conscious customers. It's got all the zesty, zingy flavor of traditional lemonade but with fewer calories. It's as if summer came early and filled your glass with its sunshine! The Lite Lemonade pairs beautifully with any of In-N-Out's signature items, taking your fast-food experience to a new level.

The In-N-Out Secret Menu

In-N-Out is moving forward with plans to build their first TWO Idaho locations! Not sure how to order when you visit? Let us help!

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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