This has to be one of our favorite urban legends of all time and it's because it involves something absolutely terrifying to think about: being eaten alive.

What's living in the mountains of Idaho?

Idaho is home to many strange and unusual urban legends. Some of those include Sharlie the Payette Lake Monster and of course, Bigfoot.

There is one legend (or myth depending on how you view it) that stands "taller" than the rest... well, okay, maybe shorter.

Introducing the Nimerigar

According to legend, the Nimergrigar are a race of "child-sized" beings that are superior in strength, hunt with poisonous arrows, and feed on human flesh.

The scary part? They're rumored to be living in the Owyhee Mountains.

While it may sound like something out of a horror movie, the fact of the matter is that there are several reports of these creatures actually existing. What if this is why we haven't been able to come into contact with Bigfoot?

What if these little creatures found themselves a Sasquatch and decided: "It's time to eat!"

It's horrifying to imagine - so let's get weird and dive down this rabbit hole...

Something Horrifying Is Waiting To Feed On You In The Idaho Mountains

Let's take a look at the Nimerigar who are said to be living in the Owyhee Mountains in Idaho. We'll even look at the "proof" towards the end.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Creepy, right? Can you imagine minding your own business, going on a hike in the mountains... and all of a sudden, you hear/see a poisonous arrow fly right by your face?

The thought of that coupled with small beings looking to eat us alive has us second-guessing visiting the mountains at all.

Speaking of horrifying finds in the woods... if you think we're safer around Bigfoot, think again...

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This surveillance footage in Washington captured what appears to be the most compelling evidence of Bigfoot's existence to date.

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