Did you see that Zoo Boise just got some new animals?

We wanted to introduce you to the awesome new animals that were just welcomed to Zoo Boise, and also share some fun facts about their species.

Don't miss out on seeing them this Summer! The two cute new animals are...

2 New Red Pandas

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash
Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

How exciting is that?! More specifically, these are "Styan's red pandas," also known as the Western red panda. commonly found in the western regions of Nepal and India. They typically have red-brown fur coats, white faces, and bushy tails with alternating red and brown rings.

And now we can see them at Zoo Boise!

KTVB reported, "Two endangered male and female Styan's red pandas, who made it to Boise from the San Diego and Milwaukee County Zoos, can now be seen daily in the Red Panda Exhibit near the Zoo Farm entrance."

Photo by Steve Payne on Unsplash
Photo by Steve Payne on Unsplash

You might be wondering... Where in Zoo Boise? Do they already have an exhibit for them?

For the time being, they will share a space with the one other Red Panda who is already at Zoo Boise, and that's a 13-year-old "Himalayan Red Panda" named Spud.

Zoo Boise reported that they will be building a new, and much larger Red Panda exhibit. The new exhibit will better match their natural climates and habitats, and it will allow for more space for even more Red Pandas!

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