Boise State Football games are fun. The Blue and Orange sea of passionate fans filling the stands. The iconic blue 'smurf' turf. The iconic Albertson's stadium. No wonder BSU has such great turn outs at games. This year they are going to make the games more memorable than ever with focus on adding more entertainment.

Boise State has a brand new committee this year that is made up of 18 super fans. The committee name, Experience Blue. Their focus is to enhance the fans experience and they already have some exciting ideas and plans.

"As a result of those meetings, more food trucks will be available on the east side of the stadium before the gates open for the Broncos’ home opener against Tennessee-Martin on Saturday (2 p.m., FS1). Fans will participate in the raising of the Blue Chaos flag before every home game, and several new elements designed to keep fans engaged during the game will debut as well." - Idaho Statesman, Ron Counts

For students and people that frequent the field it is hard to miss the massive new 77 feet wide by 37 feet tall video board. It cost $1.8 million to build and was possible thanks to a sizable donation from Agri Beef.

Want to check out the other new, improved and interactive things you can expect this season on game days?

Games this year will also have fireworks two hours before kickoff to let fans know to head to the Hall of Fame plaza to welcome the team into the stadium.

The Blue Chaos Flag is new to this year. This addition encourages the crowd to get loud, really loud. The is a decibel meter and once it reaches a certain level the Blue Chaos flag will raise in celebration.

By downloading The Bronco Sports App you also get access to a Bronco Light Show. Simply pick from a few options and enjoy your phone doing a light show that goes with the beat of the music in the stadium. Fans can also skip the lines and order food right from the app.

Speaking of food, if you are looking for more options and thus shorter lines (hopefully):

There is a new Locals Corner, with some easy grab and go foods and beer options from several local breweries. More food trucks was a focus for the committee so Bronco Alley on the east side of the stadium is going to have a revolving list of local food trucks. The existing concessions will add a new signature BBQ option.

Hope you are ready for a great season Boise!


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