The school bus can be a daunting thing for some parents. It's one thing to entrust the school with watching your child but it's another thing to entrust someone transporting your child in a large bus at the mercy of other drivers.

Now, don't get us wrong - if you drive a bus and are doing everything the right way, we salute and respect you. We can't imagine the pressure of transporting tons of children coupled with the distractions they might bring.

It takes some serious focus.

But if you're terrible at it? Expect to feel the heat of a thousand suns... or a few angry Boise parents.

Boise School Bus Drivers Are Under Fire

In a recent post to a popular Facebook group about "spotting bad drivers in Boise" (see what we did there?), an angry driver shared a photo of a school bus with the following caption:

School bus just cut in front of my husband and if he wouldn't have hit brakes fast enough we would have rear ended school bus cause they switched lanes with no signal.


At first, it seemed like a typical post that you would find in such a group but then the comments started pouring in. Many commented that they agreed with her frustrations and a select few even shared their "school bus nightmares."

Are these stories a scary sign that our school buses aren't as safe as we like to think they are? They are carrying our children after all... what do you think? I would love to hear your story here.

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