Our Boise first responders never know what danger they may be walking into when duty calls. On Monday morning, Boise Fire responded to a scary call that eventually turned into one of the cutest stories of the summer.

What are your pets doing when you're not at home?

Unless you have security cameras inside your home, you never really know what your pets are up to. Unfortunately for one homeowner, a pair of pups found themselves in some trouble that could've turned into a much more dangerous situation.

Boise Fire Department shared on social media that they responded to a call and when they arrived, they got no answer at the door. It turns out that no one was home and firefighters had no choice but to force their way into the home to make sure no one was unconscious in the structure.

What they found were two dogs unconscious near the front door. Officials believe that the two dogs unintentionally turned a burner on which eventually started the fire. It's an image that is heartwrenching and horrifying for any pet owner to think about.

Thankfully, there were no injuries reported and the dogs were rescued thanks to lifesaving measures taken by the medical team.

It just goes to show that our Boise firefighters will do whatever it takes to keep the Treasure Valley safe... especially our fur babies. So, it only makes sense that we should show our appreciation for our Boise firefighters and admire at what it takes to join the department.

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