A woman is being slammed on Reddit after she refused to remove her bags from an empty seat on a full bus, forcing the other passengers to stand.

On Reddit, the 19-year-old woman explained that she takes the bus regularly because she cannot afford a car, insurance and gas. While returning home from a shopping trip, she boarded a relatively quiet bus with a number of heavy shopping bags in tow.

"There were multiple unused seats, and no one had to stand. I had just gone shopping and had heavy bags that were hard to carry and hardly fit in front of my legs," she wrote in her post, sharing she placed her bags on the empty seat next to her.

Since the bus wasn't crowded when she got on, she "didn't see an issue."

"The bus ride was kind of long, and as it went on, more and more people got on the bus. It eventually got pretty crowded to the point where some people had to stand up," she continued, adding she noticed passengers standing in the aisles.

Still, she kept her bags on the seat next to her instead of offering it to one of the standing passengers. "Most people don't want to sit next to strangers anyway," she rationalized.

However, when the bus reached its final stop, a fellow passenger passive-aggressively told her she "could have moved your bag and not been inconsiderate and rude. Everyone wants to sit, not just you."

She didn't respond but later wondered if her behavior was normal or if she should have moved her bags and allowed another passenger to sit in the empty seat.

In the comments section, Reddit users slammed the teen for lack of consideration, calling her "selfish" and "entitled."

"You don't wait for someone to 'ASK' you to do the right thing," one person wrote.

"Once the bus started getting more crowded to the point where people were standing, you should have moved your bags. You shouldn't need to be asked to do so; it's just common courtesy," someone else commented.

"You saw the bus was full and didn't move your bags. That's exactly what rude a--holes do," another shared.

"You should've moved your bags. Entitled folks like you make the world worse for the rest of us. Seats are for a--es, not your groceries. They could've easily gone on the floor in front of you," someone else advised.

"How can you be 19 and not understand that this is incredibly rude and selfish? You cannot use a seat for your stuff while people are standing. You should have cleared the seat without having to be asked," another commented

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