I know that it's the season of giving, and I'm all for it. Who can deny the excitement you feel when you see a child open a present from underneath the tree? I love the movies and the smell of pine each year, but the best part of the Christmas season is the food. A week of non-stop eating and cheating on your diet. If you don't overeat during the Christmas season, you wouldn't have a reason for your New Year's resolution!

Treetopia, a Christmas Tree company, set out to determine what foods move the needle in each state. They did this using Google Trends, and based on the search results from this time last year, they made their list. Anytime these types of lists are compiled, it's almost like they get to Idaho and assume that it will be some sort of potato-based food item. That is almost certainly the case here.

According to the study, Idaho's favorite Christmas recipe is Roasted Potatoes. Nothing against roasted potatoes, because I like them a lot, but it's a side dish! Shouldn't the answer be turkey or ham? Roasted potatoes are a nice compliment to one of those main courses, but it's not the thing we most look forward to, is it?

Finally, they say that our favorite Christmas treat is a standard Christmas cookie. At least it's not some sort of potato dessert, so I'm willing to go along with this particular finding.

You can read the entire study HERE and see what other states chose below.



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