Think about what you're afraid of. Now think about the most basic answer to that question. That's Idaho.

The fear of heights. The fear of death. The fear of getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth (yes, that's a real thing). If you ask 100 people what they're afraid of, you'll get 100 different answers. However, if you ask people state by state what they're most afraid of, you start to see some patterns.

  • Maine/Michigan - Fear of vomiting
  • New Hampshire/New Jersey - Fear of sharks
  • Hawaii - Fear of cats

You get the idea. Now, toss those all aside and think about the most basic girl answer to "What are you afraid of?" That's Idaho's biggest fear.

Think you've got it figured out?

Take a guess.

We're about to spoil it for you.

Pretty sure you've solved this puzzle.

That's right...

Idaho's biggest fear is arachnophobia...the fear of spiders. It was a decent movie at best, and a very real fear for Idahoans. At least we're not alone. There are a few other states who's biggest fear is the same as ours. You can see the full map of every state's biggest fear here.

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