The cost of rent and/or a mortgage in 2022 in Idaho is sky-high, with no signs of coming back down to Earth any time soon.

Even worse, now you'll have to double-check that you're legally allowed to live in the structure you're planning on building!

There are all types of homes in Idaho. New construction, classic homes, trailers, homes made out of shipping containers, and everything else in between. As long as you have the correct paperwork, you're legally allowed to live in one of those types of edifices in Idaho. No worries.

However, there is one structure that we humans aren't allowed to call home in the state of Idaho.

Dog houses.

Yes, we're serious, and yes, this is a real law.

If you were pondering building matching dog houses for you and your pooch to live in outside, don't. It's totally illegal.

Now, will authorities actually discover you living in a dog house and then force you to vacate the premises? We haven't heard any stories like that happening in the Gem State, but a law is a law, right?

A few other really random Idaho laws you may not be privy to:

  • It's illegal to ride a motorcycle in Idaho Falls if you're over 88 years old
  • It's illegal to buy onions after dark without a permit in Tamarack
  • Across Idaho, it's illegal to hunt from a helicopter, even it it's not flying

So, maybe the dog house law isn't so bad after all. Either way, they're cold and drafty. You should probably just live in your house.

Boise Neighborhood Experiences Croc Theft

What is going on here, Boise? A recent online thread has brought to light a local "porch pirate" and it isn't your "conventional" situation. We see this a lot, unfortunately-- especially around the holidays. Folks pull up to a home with packages outside, steal the packages and run or speed off.

This time, that isn't the case.

A local porch pirate didn't even need to take a chance on the package because what they stole wasn't boxed was just, there. One single pair of Crocs. REALLY!?

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