There is no number of stereotypes we haven't heard when it comes to the great state of Idaho. You can always start with, "Don't you make potatoes there?" Very original.

There is nothing wrong with claiming our Idaho Potato claim to fame. There's nothing to be embarrassed and who doesn't love some great fries? Good, happy National French Fries Day.

Free Fries in Idaho for the famous Fry-Day-13

Let's get to the freebies first.

McDonald's Free Fries - There is a debate between the newbies, but McDonald's has been known for its famous coffee and best fries. Well, take advantage of McDonald's free french fries by downloading their app for free medium fries (ask for Hot Mustard because it's a hidden secret.)

Boise Fry Company Freebies - Visit any of the Treasure Valley's Boise Fry Company locations for free Russet fries. Simple as that! You have six locations to choose from.

Burger King and Red Robin won't be forgotten

Burger King is offering free large fries for a $1 deal on the app and Red Robin offers a free assortment of fries with burger purchase.

What is National French Fry Day

It's the day when almost everyone has something in common. Who doesn't love french fries? Idahoans know all about those delicious potatoes and there's no surprise that we own the best potatoes.

There are over 1,500 special national days and this is the one we should own. Most people love a great French Fry and we have a ton. The Boise Fry Company is just too hard to break when competing for the best. Juniper in Downtown Boise and Brick 29 get a ton of praise for their take on fries. The Yardhouse makes some pretty damn good garlic fries!

If I had to choose national it would head towards Jack-n-Box curly fries. There is just something about those that make me break the rules.

Sometimes you just gotta respect the Idaho fry!

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