The old saying, if you do the crime, you must do the time, has a new meaning as an Idaho inmate has become a social media sensation.  Multiple media outlets are reporting that Miriah Vanlith has received millions of responses from her Tik Tok video seeking men and women to be her pen pal while she's in prison.

Inmates can't  use social media directly, however that hasn't prevented the forty-three-year-old convicted of raping two ten-year-old boys from gaining Tik Tok fame. The irony of this story is that the inmate used the internet to attract her victims. 

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The Idaho Statesman did seek clarification from the Idaho Department of Corrections concerning inmates using social media. According to the report, inmates do not have firsthand access to the internet but can have folks post videos for them on platforms like Tik Tok. Other inmates do have videos posted on social media platforms.  

TIK TOK Popularity

Ms.Vanlith tells the Statesman that several folks have responded to her video, which has been viewed over 3.7 million times. Whether or not inmates should be allowed to engage with the public continues to trouble law enforcement.

Prison officials say that if the inmates are focused on writing letters, there's less time to cause problems or create a security issues. The story has drawn national attention as Buzzfeed News is now covering this disturbing case.

"A TikTok spokesperson told BuzzFeed News the account was removed for violating community guidelines, which state, "We do not allow users who have been convicted of crimes against children to have an account on our platform."

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