If you had to pick one moment in pop culture to define your age, what would it be? 

There's no better way to joke about how old you are than by brining up old fads, landmarks and events that were unique to your childhood.  It's hard to pick just one piece of pop culture to describe how "old" I am, but if I had to pick a one I'd have to say "I'm Beanie Baby old." Those cute little guys would be closely followed by Giga Pets, Furby and Eureka's Castle "old."

Those are fond memories that kids born in the late 80s could share with each other, no matter where they grew up in the country but, let's be honest...the Treasure Valley certainly had its own memories, events and quirks that only those who grew up here could define their childhood by!

We dug up a couple of those old memories and want to know how "Old Boise" you are! Take are poll and mark any of these periods in Boise history that you have a clear memory of!

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