An Idaho politician is not often the subject of the CBS News/Crime Magazine 48 Hours. However, a Colorado cold cast that has been reopened, solved, and prosecuted has resulted in the conviction of a two-time Idaho gubernatorial candidate.
The case involves the murder and killing of a twelve-year-old Colorado girl. Most experts believed the case would never be solved because it happened almost forty years ago. Jonelle Matthews lived next door to Steve Pankey, who ran for Idaho's top spot twice. Just like his run for governor, Mr. Pankey was tried a second time after the first jury could not come to a verdict in his first trial.

Mr. Pankey's name may sound familiar to Idahoans as he ran for governor once as a member of the Constitution Party in 2014 and the Republican Primary for years later. Mr. Pankey competed against then Lieutenant Governor Brad Little, Doctor Tommy Alquist, and then Congressman Raul Labrador.  


During his time in Idaho, Mr. Pankey did grant several interviews regarding the case. He maintained his innocence, challenging the prosecutors to either charge him or remove him as a suspect in the case. The second jury did not believe him finding him guilty of first degree murder, kidnapping in the second degree, and false reporting. Mr. Pankey will now spend the rest of his life in prison unless his case is heard and his conviction overturned on appeal.

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