If you're one of the families that comes to join us at the Canyon County Kids Expo year after year, you're no doubt familiar with Reptile Adventures.

In fact, if your kids are fearless they've probably held our friend Tyler Messina's Britney Spears-esque snake, Sunshine, or taken a ride on the shell of one of his tortoises. His small business isn't just a fun addition to our kids expo or kid's birthday party.  Reptile Adventures is a full blown reptile rescue and education center dedicated to teaching kids of all ages about reptiles and other creepy crawlies through interaction.  That includes visits to schools, petting zoos and letting visitors come interact with over 100 reptiles at their shop in Nampa.

Unfortunately, that shop is down one of their favorite residents.  I saw Tyler's post on Facebook on the way home from my spin class on Monday night saying that he believes someone got into his yard and stole Twister, a 30 year-old tortoise.  With no visible holes or other damage done to the fence, it's highly unlikely that a 75 pound tortoise with a respiratory infection escaped on his own.

Twister is very recognizable.  His shell has yellow, red and white paint markings from the previous owners who eventually surrendered him. If you see a tortoise matching Twister's description pop up on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or anywhere around your neighborhood, please contact our friend Tyler as soon as possible! You can reach him at 208-863-1192 or through the Reptile Adventures Facebook page. 

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