As predicted by several folks, Idaho Governor Brad Little has called the Idaho Legislature back into session. We share with you our limited suggestions on what the legislature should focus on and the hypocrisy of calling a session during the pandemic. Then again, he's the governor; he's the boss of the Gem State.  

The governor outlined his plan in a release today. You can read his release here. As expected, several groups and folks in the know reacted to the legislature returning to Boise. Surprisingly the Idaho House Republicans agreed on the measure. They shared their thoughts in a media release:

"It's very clear that as families work to make ends meet under the pressure of rising costs of basic necessities created by an inept Biden administration, that emergency relief is absolutely necessary," said House Speaker Scott Bedke (R-Oakley). "Idaho House Republicans are eager to help in this time of extraordinary need and look forward to convening on September 1st, 2022. We cannot afford to sit back and watch as continued mismanagement from the federal government threatens the prosperity of our friends and families."

Do you find it odd that there was no outpouring from the House Republicans when gas prices rose and out-of-control inflation? Aren't prices going down? That's what Joe Biden says. Not to be outdone, the Idaho Education Association issued its approval in a press release.

Here is part of their endorsement: 'Idaho Education Association members enthusiastically endorse the stated education goals of the upcoming special session of the Idaho Legislature. Injecting record new funding into the Public School Income Fund by statute would be the legislature's first serious step in generations toward meeting its obligation "to establish and maintain a general, uniform and thorough system of public, free common schools," as spelled out in the Idaho Constitution.' 

When's the last time a Republican governor, a Republican house, and the teacher's union agreed on something? We believe the special session must happen now because the new legislative body will not be as receptive to the governor as this one.  

Let's take a look at how the people are responding to this news.

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