It's the thought that counts, right?

As we get older, do you find it harder and harder to actually come up with an answer to the question "what do you want for Christmas?" My go to answer was "I'm not sure, gift cards are fine."

If you spend the holidays with family visiting from outside of the Treasure Valley, that's a dangerous response. Why? Your family might not know which stores we actually have where we live and you might get a gift card that although you appreciate just can't use it.

That's where a website called CardCash comes to the rescue! If you received a gift card that you can't use, just enter the name of the retailer the card is for and the balance HERE. CardCash will give you a cash offer or ask you if you'd like to trade it for a different gift card worth a little more than that cash offer.

I tested it out with a $20 Dunkin' Donuts gift card I got as a gift. I LOVE Dunkin' but we all know that the gift card is absolutely worthless in Boise. CardCash offered me $11 for the card or anywhere between $11.33-$12.15 for gift cards like Amazon, eBay, Bed, Bath and Beyond or GameStop.

Sure, that's a pretty big depreciation rate but I couldn't use the Dunkin' gift card anyway. I was happy with receiving a smaller Amazon gift card that I actually could use!

If you choose cash instead of a gift card, CardCash will get you that money either as a check, ACH payment or through Paypal Express.

BTW, CardCash works both ways. If you've got your eye on some after Christmas sales, you can buy one of the cards someone traded in for a discounted price. I saved quite a bit of money on gift cards for Kohl's that I used to save even more money on Christmas shopping this year!

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