We're fairly sure that some of you might still be scarred from standing in line with your kids at Boise Towne Square for close to nine hours at Build-A-Bear's first "Pay Your Age Day" in 2018.

In theory, Build-A-Bear's "Pay Your Age" concept was brilliant. Guests were invited to the workshop at Boise Towne Square to take advantage of building a new furry friend for the price of how old you were.  For example if your mini was five years, they got to build a new friend for just $5 before accessories.  Even the adults were invited to be part of it, but Build-A-Bear cut them some slack by charging a maximum of $29 for their bears.

The promotion got a HUGE response and caused some major chaos. Our listeners told us that by 8:45 a.m., the line was closed and people were being sent away with $15 vouchers to come back another day.  However, most of them appreciated the opportunity to build a new friend at a discounted rate simply because a trip to Build-A-Bear if you have multiple children or are a single parent isn't the most affordable outing. They also gave the employees at our local workshop a ton of credit for making the experience special for the kids even though things were crazy.

Instead of dumping the concept all together, Build-A-Bear went back to the drawing board to improve the experience and will offer limited tickets to this year's event that takes during set time periods the week of June 24. In order to have a shot at one of the 200,000 limited tickets, an adult will need to create or sign into their existing Bonus Club Member account, complete the NEW birthday profile and then register for the sweepstakes NO LATER THAN SUNDAY, JUNE 16. 

Those who were selected to receive a ticket will be notified by e-mail on or about June 21. If you receive a ticket, you can bring up to two children to build a furry friend for their age. In addition to the ticket winners, they'll also award ten guests a "Count Your Candles" grand prize of a Birthday Party experience worth up to $250.

Honestly, this sounds like a much better experience for EVERYONE involved! Want to get in on "Pay Your Age Day" for 2019? Read all the new rules and get signed up to win your ticket HERE! 

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