One of my favorite shows to binge-watch is House Hunters on HGTV. The show is pretty formula as each episode features a couple trying to find their dream house. Their real estate agent shows them three different properties, and they choose to purchase one of them. The agent never gets them exactly what they're looking for. Still, if we're honest, each couple has some pretty ridiculous ideas about what the perfect home is sometimes. My wife and I compete to see who can guess which house will be chosen. I have become pretty good at determining what a couple will choose. The show travels all over the country, so it's no surprise that since the Treasure Valley is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country, we've been featured several times. Here are the five times that Boise has appeared on HGTV's House Hunters.

Season 137, Episode 7
City vs. Country in Idaho
A five-person family is moving back to Idaho after being away. They decide between living in the city in Boise or out into the country.

Season 172, Episode 4
Going Back To Boise
This couple lived in California, but now that they've had their first kid, they want to move back home to Boise.

Season 67, Episode 11
A California Family Looks For Their Dream Home In Idaho
Shows like this have made Idaho such a popular place for Californians looking to save some money. In this episode, a family searches for their dream home on a $400,000 budget in the Treasure Valley.

Season 139, Episode 5
Young Buyer Starts Over in Boise
This episode from 2018 is about another Californian coming to Boise, but this is a little different because she is specifically looking for a historic home.

Season 92, Episode 4
Boise Couple Locked in Country vs. Suburbs Showdown
This episode from 2014 follows a couple with an 18-month-old trying to decide what kind of home and neighborhood is best for them.

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