We're not saying DWTS is scraping the bottom of the barrel with their most recent casting, but yes we are. They could've done so much better...

It's officially official. Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding will be shakin' it for the masses on this season of Dancing With The Stars.

One can only assume they chose Harding because of the release of the film I, Tonya, which covers Harding's controversy with fellow Olympian Nancy Kerrigan. Is she a good choice for the show? I mean, it certainly goes along with the shows' tendency to pick really obscure celebrities for their cast. This isn't an insult, because for all we know, Harding may very well be a fantastic dancer. However, there are a handful of celebrities I believe would be better suited for the show:


Aaron Paul

Rich Fury / Stringer

You know it would be a freakin' blast to watch Idaho's first son yell out "YEAH B****!" after completing a perfect routine. He's got my early vote.


Maren Morris

Noam Galai / Stringer

She's petite, fierce, and not afraid to show off. Morris obviously keeps herself in killer shape, and this small wonder could quite possibly be a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor.


Joe Keery

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty

Full disclosure: I only put Steve from Stranger Things on this list because he has the best hair in the game. No idea if that affects his dancing skills or not, but I for one truly do not care.


Sam Hunt

John Shearer/Country Rising / Handout

You've got to figure that if the guy can dress, sing, and make the ladies swoon, then he'd also be pretty sufficient on his toes, no? Being a big dude, Hunt could easily twirl and toss his dance partner around to impress the judges.


Natalie Maines

Evan Agostini / Getty

Oh stop. You aren't mad. Even so, you've got to admit it would be super polarizing and interesting to see the Dixie Chicks front woman compete on a reality TV show. I think it's high time we welcome Maines and the rest of the Chicks back into the mainstream.



If you want to see who's actually going to be on the upcoming season of DWTS, that announcement is coming Friday, April 13th on Good Morning America.