The Discovery Center of Idaho never disappoints with its incredible exhibits. Never one to be basic, the establishment always chooses something fascinating to draw in patrons. The most recent to grace its building was the Titanic exhibit. Despite its epic sinking 107 years ago, the disaster still draws a crowd of curious minds. Obviously we can thank the 1997 blockbuster starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet for sparking interest that has since ceased to fade.

But the doors closed on the exhibit on August 15th to make way for something new. And it must be something spectacular and intricate, because doors won't open again until September 20th. So what's taking a month and then some to prepare? Christopher Marley's Exquisite Creatures: A Dialogue with Nature, Art, and Science. But what even does that mean? What are we to expect?

The website describes," Marley works to remove much of the threat we naturally feel from unfamiliar organisms by focusing on their physical design elements. He believes the love for non-human life we innately possess can sometimes be overshadowed by the threat of the unknown. When experienced as an element of a geometric composition, a texture study or a color story, even the most fearsome organisms can be experienced with fresh eyes."

I'm hopeful that means peacock spiders will be part of the exhibition, because they brilliant colorful design elements. If you haven't seen one, take a look at this. Hard to believe they are just the size of your thumbnail. It will be interesting to see what creatures we normally shy away from will end up being stunning pieces of art to the human eye. We will just have to wait and see at the end of September.

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