Chick-Fil-A seems to be the absolute gold standard when it comes to satisfying a chicken sandwich craving. And that craving hits a lot of people all at once because there is always a wildly long line in the drive-thru. I have literally never seen the line shorter than 6 cars. I long to be there to see the first person who gets to the drive-thru window for the day. It lives up to the hype, plain and simple. And it's not even just standard chicken sandwiches. They have breakfast chicken items, burritos, and even a spicy chicken sandwich. But now comes a chicken place KNOWN for spicy chicken that very well might steal some customers.

Cluck's Nashville Hot Chicken is opening in Meridian on October 15th. "We hope your taste buds are ready for what's in store. Clucks Nashville Chicken will be bringing you amazing chicken sandwiches coated with a mouth-watering Nashville experience! Shrimp Poe Boys, Nashville Chicken strips, and all the other delicious southern foods you've been craving."

So we know there will be competition in the sandwich space, but as of yet there is not a complete menu posted. For sure Chick-Fil-A doesn't have a shrimp poe boy though. Will the menus be different enough that you don't lump them together in your brain when deciding where to grab some chicken centered food? Like how KFC doesn't really come up as a competitor for Chick-FIl-A the way Popeye's does. We shall see come October 15th, which is my son's birthday. There was no reason for me to mention that, but noticed it.

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