Here in Idaho, it's all about the spuds!  If there is one thing that is indoctrinated in the little boys and little girls in Idaho--it's the importance of the Superfood that is the potato.

Just this week, we shared with you the viral sensation that was our very own "Idaho Song" written, produced, and filmed by the folks at Barstool Sports. The song of course--all about living inside of a Potato House...

And yes, only in Idaho will you find one big "Potato House" 

Peek Inside the Big Idaho Potato

You may be wondering, what kind of amenities come with a giant potato like this ... you know ... in the middle of nowhere? Surprisingly, this potato comes with all of the essentials, and then some. Here are a few photos of what the Big Idaho Potato looks like on the inside.

But perhaps one of the largest potato events in the entire world is now looking for a "King Spud" if you will--and really, anyone can apply. 

Yes, we chuckled when a "suggested jobs" email hit our inbox from the almighty LinkedIn. The Idaho Potato Bowl is searching for an Executive Director.

We assumed the job pays quite well--but you would actually be an employee of ESPN. As the job description states:

the Executive Director of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl is responsible for the day-to-day management and operations of the bowl game. Essential duties will include but are not limited to Sales Development and procurement, Marketing, Game Operations and dealing with a local advisory board made up of sponsors and civic leaders. The Executive Director will work directly with the schools and the member conferences to ensure a positive and rewarding bowl experience for all participants.

Love football, Idaho, and have some solid business ideas? Perhaps this gig is totally for you!

Do we think it would be more fun if "Executive Director" was titled "King Spud"? Yeah.

Interested in applying? Click HERE.

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