I'd just fallen asleep when this happened in my kitchen last year. Don't let this happen to you!

Last year when Camp Rainbow Gold had to cancel their winter retreat and rescheduled it for the Tailgate, my fiance and I answered the call to donate Christmas goodies for the families attending the event. I got a little carried away and made over 100 chocolate chip cookies, so he decided to save one of the boxes of brownies he bought to enjoy at home.

Unfortunately it went horribly (and hilariously) wrong. I'll share his creative recipe for holiday disaster for you to explain what happened next since I was asleep while everything went down!

How to make "Michelle Heart's Fiance's Broken Glass Brownies"

  • Buy your favorite brownie mix
  • Follow the directions
  • Use a pyrex glass 8x8 dish
  • Let brownies cool
  • Melt 3 cups of your favorite fudge in the oven at 175° (Spill a little inside)
  • After brownie mix fully cools, pour fudge on top
  • Put dish on the back right burner
  • Set oven to highest temperature to burn out spilled fudge
  • Start watching Empire Strikes Back
  • An hour later, your glass dish will explode completely causing you to mess your pants, scaring the hell out of the cat, and sending shards of glass and melted chocolate all over the kitchen
  • For best results, start at midnight!

Albertsons to the Rescue

Luckily, I'm not putting my fiance in charge of the brownies for our company party this weekend.  Instead, I plan on taking advantage of Albertsons' awesome "National Brownie Day" offer on Friday and passing their amazing bakery's creations off as my own!

The deal is pretty sweet (literally) and we caught up with Matt Jantz from Albertsons to tell you about it! Watch the video below to find out how to get the hook up and what never before tasted brownies will be available in your neighborhood store for one day only!

Win Brownies on LITE-FM

You didn't really think that I was going to make you watch a video of brownies without sharing them with you, right? To celebrate National Brownie Day with 107.9 LITE-FM, download are new app ASAP! (It's free HERE!) On Friday, December 8, we'll send out a few special "At Work Perk" alerts ONLY for app users!

Only you'll know when to call and win $10 in Albertsons Gift Cards to use toward some brownies! It's an APP-tastic, APP-sclusive!

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