Kevin is going in for surgery today and I don't know what to do.

Today my hubby is going in for out patient hernia surgery and I am not familiar with the etiquette for this situation.

Am I supposed to sit around all day in the hospital waiting room?

Am I expected to hang out in the waiting room until they release him to come home?

What do you usually do in circumstances like this when it involves an adult?


For the record:  I am willing to be there in the hospital for moral support or whatever may be needed.  But Kevin says he doesn't want me just "sitting around all day."  He would rather I go tackle all the work, house & barn chores and run and pick up his prescriptions etc.  I will accomodate his wishes but I don't want him to pout later and tell people that I just left him on his own to fend for himself at the hospital.  I will also be taking a few days off work to look after him while he recovers. ~ Brenda