We're a little over a month into the school year and some parents are still on the struggle bus trying to get the kids back into a bedtime routine. 


It seems like you've done everything parenting experts suggest you do: limited their screen time before bed, cut off the soda at least three hours before they should hit the hay and made their bedroom as cool and dark as possible.  None of those things seem to be helping, so you've resorted to desperate measures like blurting out the words "Well...you should go to be because Anna and Elsa want you too."

All of your sudden your child is silent and staring with you with wide eyes.  For a moment, it seems like pulling their favorite character into the mix may have worked. You know, until they fire back at you "You don't actually know them! You're a liar!"

Well now, you can prove them wrong! Through the end of the month, Disney is running something they call the "Disney Bedtime Hotline." When parents call the number, they have to sit through a brief promotional message before being asked to pass the phone to their child. At that point, your child can request to hear from a handful of Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Princess Jasmine, Yoda, Woody from Toy Story, Spider-man or Anna & Elsa from Frozen. 

The characters will tell your kiddos about all the things they did throughout the day and how they're so tired from all the fun. (We listened to the Anna & Elsa message this morning.  The sisters had a busy day pumpkin picking with Olaf and having game night with Kristoff and Sven.) At the end of the call, they tell your child that they're off to bed and wish your kids "sweet dreams." It's a cool experience and it's totally FREE for parents to use as an extra lifeline!

If you tell your child the call is coming but they won't be able to hear from their favorite character until after their entire bedtime routine is complete and they're in bed under the covers, this may just work!

Test it out tonight and tell us if it does! The number for the Disney Bedtime Hotline is:


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