When Delilah's son Zachariah passed away last fall, so many of you reached out to with messages of love and support.

Our evening host is someone I've looked up to long before I actually stepped foot into a radio station. I listened to her show when I was a little girl and was just blown away by the fact that no matter what someone's situation was: they were celebrating a new marriage, going through a difficult break-up or had lost someone close to them, Delilah always had the right words and right song to make their heart smile, even if just for a second.  She's been a friend or even a mother figure to so many LITE-FM listeners.

Delilah's truly an extraordinary woman.  She's raised fourteen children, many who are adopted and are special needs.  During her third marriage, she had two biological children with her ex-husband, Shaylah and Zachariah. Over the years, like so many other women, she struggled conceiving and when just when the doctors told her she'd probably never get pregnant again, she found out she was pregnant with Zach.  She always called him her miracle baby. Unfortunately, she lost Zach last year to suicide at the age of 18.

When Zach passed, she was working on her book "One Heart at a Time" and decided to share the incredibly difficult parts of his story with her fans. She opened up about what that was like on the Today Show with Megyn Kelly this morning.

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